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Telegraph: Gulf of Mirabello is one of the “20 secrets of the Greek islands”

In the Telegraph’s  Top «must-see» for the Greek Islands, there is the Gulf of Mirabello and the island of Mochlos in Crete. In a recent article titled “20 secrets of the Greek islands”, among other things, the Telegraph mentions:

«…excavations at the Cretan fishing village of Sissi – an opportunity to explore parts of this site not usually accessible to the public. A fishing boat will also transport you across the Gulf of Mirabello to the island of Mochlos …».

Mirabello Bay

Mirabello Bay (also Bay/Gulf of Mirabello/Mirabella) is an embayment of the Sea of Crete on the eastern part of Crete in present-day Greece. It is the largest bay of the Greek islands and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The tourist town Agios Nikolaos overlooks the bay.

Mochlos (Greek: Μόχλος)

Mochlos (Greek: Μόχλος) is a modern island in the Gulf of Mirabello in eastern Crete, and the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement. There is evidence that Mochlos was not an island in Minoan times, but was attached to the mainland and acted as an eastern harbor.

The name Mochlos also applies to the small fishing village and resort located on the main island of Crete, opposite Mochlos Island. Only 150 metres separates them. The island is administered from Tourloti which is only 9 km (6 mi) away.

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is probably best known as a tourist town that serves as a hub to the twenty or so small villages and farms that make up that part of Lassithi.

Agios Nikolaos dominates the bay of Mirabello.

The Mochlos is about 30 km from Agios Nikolaos. Sissi is about 20 km from Agios Nikolaos. Both destinations are only some of the many choices that the visitor/ tourist has for small or larger excursions from Agios Nikolaos.

It is noteworthy that the MELAS Hotel – Apartaments are on the coastal road of Agios Nikolaos, at a key point and with a truly spectacular view of Mirabello bay.

Photo: Spyros Zougris, Part of the View of Mirabello bay from Melas Hotel – Apartments terrace

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